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Step into Da Ma Restoran and embark on a culinary adventure through authentic Malaysian street hawker fare. Savour the best of our cuisines from Traditional Hai Nan Coffee, KL ABC Mamak Restoran, Wei Kor Stir Fry, Bing Shu Noodles, Ipoh old-street Roast to Lao You Handmade Dim Sum, Ah Bo Snacks, alongside Fu Chun's delectable cakes & pastries. 


Travel back in time and experience the authentic flavours of Malaysia with Da Ma Restoran — manifested through an extensive selection of dishes prepared by traditional street hawkers with 20+ years' of experiences. Every bite will transport your taste buds into a nostalgia-filled atmosphere reminiscent of the 1980s, making for an unforgettable journey that's sure to ignite all senses!


Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy traditional Malaysian dishes at an affordable price - there's something for everyone!

About Da Ma Restoran

At Da Ma Restoran, we strive to elevate the street food experience by delivering authentic, good quality dishes at an accessible price. We aim to challenge ourselves to become the best in providing you with a memorable dining adventure.


Our mission is to bring comforting and savoury tastes of Malaysian traditional street vendors right to your plate. We strive for excellence in not only flavour but authenticity. So let us provide you with a comforting food experience like no other! 


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